Automated Growing Environments

Technological ProcessesWhat sets us apart

Why choose us?

The team at Harviss have been in the automation business for decades. We know how to put together a redundant, robust system that will serve your business for years to come.

What we do?

At Harviss we realize that saving time is saving money. We make it a simple task to manage your growing room using either our online platform or a local platform housed in your business. Our systems are fully redundant so do not rely on an active internet connection to either operate or amend. We realize how important the stability of your system is and this has been paramount throughout the design and production of Harviss.

The Benefits

We designed Harviss to benefit both your quality of produce and your pocket book. By giving the crops exactly what they need during the different stages in their life cycle we both keep them growing strong whilst keeping your running costs down.
By creating complete grow cycles at startup and having the ability to reuse and share previous grow cycles. We mitigate the need for constant monitoring and amendment of light levels throughout the cycle.

Saving time and saving money

Intuitive Online Manager

Our Online Portal was designed in collaboration with growers themselves. Incorporating all the parameters desired and placing them together on an intuitive and easy to use platform.

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